The Trials of Elijah Marcus Ash

This is book two in the series...


Elijah is your typical high school student in Chicago, with the usual high school issues (he likes a girl that doesn't know that he likes her, has people in his class that he doesn't like, has school bullies etc.).

Our conflict begins when the school trip to Disney World goes horribly wrong. When the kids awake, they realize that they are NOT in Kansas anymore...or Disney World either. They have been kidnapped and are to be sold as part of a slavery ring. Elijah has to get them out, and when he does, he realizes that the same group had kidnapped his girlfriend’s sister. Elijah and his mother, Sam, go back to Yemen to attempt to rescue the girl, kidnapped a year prior.


The first goon wasn’t too worried when the kid brought him into the other room; he got worried when he noticed all of the plastic sheeting on the floor and the bags covering all of the computers.  Sam shoved him into a chair, then reared back with all of her might and punched him in the nose. Elijah could hear the crunching sound it made from the other room. He was checking up on the other goon. They had the sense to separate the pair when they captured them. Elijah had just opened the door, when the cartilage broke and the screaming started. He turned his head towards the hallway, then turned back to the other goon, saying “I guess he’s gonna need a doctor huh? You know, she’s starting off easy, and then it turns ugly. You know…body parts missing ugly.”

The wet spot in the goon’s pants appeared instantly.

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