The Family Business

This is book one in the series...

Sam has a normal job, with a little business on the side. It's a family business, but it's not your normal family business. She's an assassin, who likes the work. Everything is going along fine, until she has orders to kill her friend, the one who saved her life in high school. Now the hunter becomes the hunted!


George saw the muzzle flash, then George’s life ended. A .45 slug leaves a huge hole in whatever it goes through and at point blank range, it went through really fast. George was dead before his body hit the floor. Surprisingly, his wife didn’t scream. Sam wasn’t sure if it was the shock of actually doing it or the satisfaction that this sack of mule spunk wasn’t going to bother her anymore.  Sam placed the note that they had written up to make it look like a suicide beside him, then placed the gun in his hands. Sam had gotten paid when she arrived earlier, so she headed for the bathroom door. The woman stopped her and thanked her. “I could’ve never done that. How do you sleep at night, knowing what you do…” Her words faltered and died out.  Sam went to the bathroom and cleaned up, switching out clothes for something less conspicuous.  She left the house, walked down the street and disappeared down into the subway.

30 minutes later, Sam was addressing her class. She was hungry, skipping lunch to end George’s life, but it established an alibi for her. She would eat at the next lab exercise. This started her second career. She wasn’t worried about the police coming by to question. She doubted that they would give the matter much consideration, given the history of this couple. Numerous calls to the police for domestic violence and always, the woman didn’t press charges. “She may not have been strong enough to kill him or see him in jail, but she did want him dead”, Sam mused. If anything, the cops would look at the wife (they always did) but would turn a blind eye to the situation. Truthfully, they were just as tired of coming out to that address as the woman was. They would accept the suicide note and whisper silent thanks up above for the problem being solved for them. Plus, not as much paperwork.

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